Clubs & Societies

  1. The INTER-SECONDARY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP (ISCF) is a platform for Christian youth ministry. Its goal is to make Christ known.

  2. OHS MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME is a needs based platform designed to mentor students to be sustainable and exhibit positive behavioural change. Students get the opportunity to participate in school, community and personal development activities and training.

  3. The RED CROSS CLUB provides members with an opportunity to make meaningful impact in their communities. This club also empowers members with knowledge and life- saving skills to help prepare school and communities for emergencies.

  4. WORLD EXPLORERS CLUB is affiliated with the National Tourism Action Club. Motto – “Small Jamaicans Making a Big Difference”. One of our mandate is to sensitize Jamaicans on the value of tourism to Jamaica and the role each of us play in ensuring that Jamaica remains the premier Caribbean Tourist Destination.

  5. OHS SPORTS CLUB seeks to improve students’ holistic development through the learning of various sports or physical activity. This will help students in character building, self-confidence, team work, social orientation, life style habits and leadership skills.

    Aim: To provide members with first hand experiences of how Mathematics can be applied to the real world.
    - To develop children’s knowledge and understanding of Mathematics.
    - To raise the profile of Mathematics within the school.
    - To show that Mathematics is a diverse subject full of surprises.

  7. The INTRODUCTION to MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, DESIGNING and FABRICATION CLUB is established for introducing at this level, the basic concepts of Mechanical Engineering, the global impact it has on our everyday life, the importance of acquiring knowledge in both discipline and the careers that is associated within each area. The fundamentals of Mechanical Engineering is correlated to Design and Fabrication and it’s in the best interest of the club to mentally and physically, through theoretical and practical research, bring such awareness of knowledge, through education, to the intellectual capable state of mind for future development.

  8. CLUB EXPRESSION is the club where students get to express themselves in Speech, Drama and Writing. Its aim is to improve students’ expression in speaking and writing.

  9. DIY CONSTRUCTION: This Club seeks to, “Provide guidance to club members in the proper way of carrying out simple general Construction Task”.

  10. THE ART CLUB affords students the freedom of expressing their artistic abilities. The goal of the Art Club is to give students the opportunity for more exposure to learning Art Techniques in drawing, painting, photographing, printing and craft work.

  11. THE COMPUTER CLUB is a platform where students can learn about current and emerging technologies that are useful to everyday life. Our goal is to gather and share knowledge on new and emerging trends in technology.

  12. The aim of the MUSIC CLUB is to improve students’ performance skills vocally and instrumentally to help their holistic development such as discipline, social life, confidence and self-esteem.